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From this morning’s New York Times:

While the cameras surround the flamboyant fringes, the rest of the country is on a different mission. Quietly and untelegenically, Americans are trying to repair their economic values.

David Brooks, 18 Oct 2011

Having a physical appearance and exhibiting personal qualities that are deemed highly appealing to television viewers. (cf. photogenic)

[τηλε -, at a distance (here relating to television) + -γενής, producer]


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From New Raleigh:

The Occupy Raleigh protests today ended in the arrest of 19 people. State Capitol Police requested that the group leave the Capitol grounds and when some didn’t comply, they were arrested. At that point the crowd had dwindled to around 100 from its peak. Those Raleigh Police reported that 400 were in attendence[sic] and some local media reported as few as 100. But independent observers and Occupy organizers put the number closer to 1,000. Protests were also held in Chapel Hill, Carrboro and continued in Charlotte for the second week.

[Photo by Shawn Rocco, News & Observer, Oct 15, 2011]

Why did Occupy Raleigh seek a permit for public assembly? If the movement – any movement for that matter – is to be affective, it has to demonstrate its willingness to face persecution, even incarceration.

What if the hundreds of demonstrators yesterday had descended on the Capitol grounds without a permit and forced Raleigh and its police to deal with an unauthorized assembly, and not just the vigilant 19 who stayed into the wee hours of the night past the allotted time and were arrested?

Would that have been a more affective witness to the seriousness of the movement, and not just another march on the Capitol?

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