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I certainly do not mean to deny that people of character may possess extraordinary self-awareness.  What I want to deny, however, is that such self-awareness is a necessary correlative to having character . . . In this respect I think the emphasis on character in our cultural situation may have connotation with which I am very unsympathetic.  Character tends to suggest to us a heroic conception of the moral life . . . Thus it is people who are able to stand against the “crowd,” who go their own way, who are often seen as persons of character.  While certainly such people may be persons of character, it is important that they not be taken as paradigmatic examples of character.  The Mennonite farmer in central Indiana may be quite happy in his community and strikingly “unaware” of himself, but that in no way disqualifies him from being a person of character.  This examples helps remind us  that “consciousness” is not a quality inherent to the individual, but rather is a skill made possible by our participation in a substantive community with an equally substantive history. (81-82)

Stanley Hauerwas, A Retrospective Assessment of an “Ethic of Character” : The Development of Hauerwas’s Theological Project (1985, 2001), from The Hauerwas Reader (2001)

Mennonite farmer transporting load of tobacco, near Lancaster. (Website)


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A nice piece from New Raleigh :

Hands in the Dirt: Farming with Hilltop Organic Farms

People want to know where their food comes from, who grew it and how. When they meet Fred and understand that he puts his heart into every crop he produces, they feel better about feeding their families that food… Healthy food helps make a healthy community. And a thriving local business helps make a thriving local economy.

Hilltop’s website can be found here.

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