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Mr. Krugman of Princeton University and The New York Times has an article this morning about an American response to China’s currency manipulation: Taking on China

In this article he brings out one of those George Will 25ยข words :

So how should we respond? First of all, the U.S. Treasury Department must stop fudging and obfuscating.

First I love ob- words: obscure, obtuse, obnoxious. But, for all its pomp, obfuscate is simply a more legit version of the adjective turned idiomatic verb muddy, as in muddy the waters.

ob’fus|cate, v.t.
Darken, obscure, (mind etc.); stupefy, bewilder.
So obfuscation n.

[from Late Latin OB(fuscare from fuscus dark), -ate]

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